The Advisory Body cannot be Influential: Tamara Abrahamyan

The Anti-Corruption Body should be a separate and independent Body: believes Tamara Abrahamyan, Coordinator of the Public Network cooperating with the State Institutions.

“The advisory body cannot be influential; it should be a formal structure as well. The Anti-Corruption Council will only deepen the disappointment among the people. Seeing the experience of the other participatory structures in other ministries, we see that the format of such councils does not work,” Ms Abrahamyan said.

She also brought the opposite example, “We have the Governing Council of Millennium Challenge Account –Armenia Program, its formation procedures, and the range of authorities is different and distinct. Unfortunately in this case (the Anti-Corruption Council) they are not visible, there are neither authorities nor distinct and transparent procedures for involvement. So we obviously think that it should be a non operational body,” Ms Abrahamyan concluded.