The Anti-Corruption Council should not include just two NGO Representatives

The Anti-Corruption Council should operate unbiased, so that it can accept essential decisions and provide their implementation. Gagik Makaryan, the Head of the Republican Union of Employers of the RA expressed this opinion in the interview with

Gagik Makaryan said that it was really appreciable that there was a desire to fight against corruption. Anyway he was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of the Council, since there were no institutional mechanisms which could provide the implementation of the Council’s decisions.

According to Gagik Makaryan, the Anti-Corruption Council should not include only two NGO representatives. “The Republican Union of Employers is not included in the Council as well. Actually it is one of the largest social unions in RA. Despite the fact that our union is the partner of the RA Government, the latter has not invited us to join the Council. The members of the Council are chosen by the Government. In my view this is not an objective approach. There are some NGO’s which are not absolutely active in the society. There are also some which are in the midst of corruption.”