Government’s Fight against Corruption is like Myunhazen’s pulling himself out from the Swamp

The activity of the Government created Anti-Corruption Council is like Baron Myunhazen’s adventure where he tried to pull himself out of the swamp drawing himself up by his hair. Armen Martirosyan, Vice President of “Heritage” Party said in the interview with

He believes that the Anti-Corruption Council in its current composition, where it is headed by the RA Prime Minister and in addition, the RA Finance Minister and the Prosecutor General are its members, cannot be effective.

“The only possibility to work effectively would be the creation of a permanent body that will have wide powers, which could carry out investigations and so on, and if that body would consist of the opposition and, why of civil society representatives,” Mr. Martirosyan said.

According to Armen Martirosyan, the Anti-Corruption structure should consist of the opposition forces, on the government backs up the corruption and opposition is the only counterbalance to it.