The Success of Struggling against Corruption depends on the Political will: Richard Giragosian

The existence of Anti-Corruption Council is positive, but can it operate efficiently? Social workers cannot answer to this question for sure. “Though we welcome the opportunity to strengthen the anti-corruption actions, the actual problem seems to be the same: the political will to act and decide”, – Richard Giragosian, the founding director of the Regional Studies Center said in the interview with

He noted that such Councils had already operated by this time, however their findings were ignored. And in this case the major question is whether this council will be able to solve the problems instigated by the oligarchs.

With regard to the issue of participation of the civil society representatives in the Council, the political scientist said, “It is too early to say whether it will work or not, as it depends on the level of readiness of the civil society representatives their professional and the extent of their influence on the decision making.”