“Everything can be combined if it is based on love” – Policewoman

In the framework of the special project “Armenian policewoman” we have interviewed the senior supervisor of Department on Protection of Juveniles’ Rights and combating domestic violence of the General department of the criminal intelligence of the RA, major police officer Lusine Khachatryan.

-How did you decide to become a police officer?

-I have made the decision after graduating from the university; by the way I have studied as a psychologist-lawyer at the Pedagogical university. There we pertained the problem of the juvenile and I got interested in it, and Police was the only station which gave opportunity to communicate with them and find solutions to the problems.

-How did your family react to your decision?

-Firstly I would like to mention that there are no police officers in our family and instead of obstructing my decision they encouraged me.

-How long are you working in police?

-It’s already ten years.

-Have you met any difficulties?

-There have been and there are difficulties as in all professions, but if the person is consistent both as a specialist and as a person, the beginning for him will be surmountable but not easy.

-The majority of specialists in your aspect are men, haven’t you got embarrassed from that fact in the beginning.

-No, my first profession helped me to get used to the situation quickly. The problem of men forming the majority has always excised, but it reduces year after year. There is an essential difference if we compare the situation before and after my entrance, nowadays the number and involvement of women has grown considerably.

-It is already ten years that you are in the system, have you met cases which made you get disappointed in your profession

Frankly speaking no, it took me very short time to get involved in the work in police. That process was very easy for me and I managed to not only love it but also to devote myself to it.

-How do you manage to combine the private and professional activities?

-The work in police also helps me in the private life, my husband is also from the system, we have three children, I want to mention that if both work and family are based on love everything will be  successful. Of course some problems will also arise, for instance children would like their mother to be at home with them, but if all of them treat the issue with comprehension, it will also be surmounted.

-Do the children also want to become police officers?

-We will wait until they get stable and be able to make decisions. They will choose their future professions themselves and if they would like to become police officers we won’t be against.

-If not police officer then what..?

-Definitely psychologist.

-What do you think about the opinion that the woman’s place is in the kitchen?

-It depends mostly on woman. If she thinks that it’s comfortable for her to be in the kitchen, and she feels well there, then she can do it. It will be better, if she chooses to do more public job, but I don’t accept the fact when family members oppose her opinion

-What will you wish to our women?

-I would like them to be optimistic and feel themselves as complete members of society.

Interview by Lilit Shaboyan

Photos by Hermine Virabyan

Author of the idea: Karen Zadoyan


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