The Dialogue between the Public and the Government is not ensured.

A circle of certain problems and objectives, that should be reached, is set for fighting against corruption in Armenia. For the resolution of these problems the 2015-2018 Anti-Corruption Strategic Program was created. And as result of implementation of the activities envisaged in the program it was planned to achieve implementation of those strategic objectives. Artur Sukiasyan, Lori regional coordinator of the Armenia Young Lawyers Association told in the interview with

“Instead of ensuring solutions for problems and realization of the objectives, the program decreased the frame of those actions, which are necessary in our country for the efficient fight and curbing corruption. An example of such decrease is the curious logic of determining the spheres. What shall we do with the other spheres that also need solutions”-mentioned Mr. Sukiasyan.

Referring to the spheres of the Council’s activities and its authorities he mentioned that the main role of the anti-corruption activities of the state was entitled to that Council. “The main decision-making authority is granted to the Council, but when considering the composition of the Council it turns out that the dialogue between the government and society in general is not ensured. Representative so of the Governmental structures form the majority, and there are only 2 representatives of the civil society, who naturally cannot influence on the decision making. Sand we may say that their presence here is just a formality. Therefore, I believe that the ratio of staff is selected incorrectly,” he said.

Mr. Sukiasyan considered the citizens’ approach to this problem ahead of the state’s responsibilities. “Public  needs to be intolerant towards the corruption, and realize the danger of corruption. Criminalization of illicit enrichment, creation of the anti-corruption body is an important precondition, but not in the format that offers the government, but in the format provided by the international documents,” he mentioned.

According to the advocate, implementation of the actions planned only by the project, will not lead to any changes. “The problem is not in the short period of time, but in the actions included in the project. I think that the suggested actions will not bring to any essential changes,” Arthur Sukiasyan added.