The National Assembly and the Government mainly apply to “Toyota-Yerevan” for Car Services


In 2014 the RA Government and the National Assembly had bought “Toyota” cars paying 245.000 USD from the state reserve funds. had referred to this a few days before. However there were multiple publications in the press that still in 2009 these two structures prefer to buy cars from “Toyota-Yerevan” Company. Therefore for the repair and spare parts of the purchased cars they again apply to the same “Toyota-Yerevan” Company. Only in 2014 around 44.5 million AMD (93.000 USD) was paid for these purposes to the Company.


In this regard, the largest expenditures were made by the National Assembly about 19 million AMD. Of courses the NA used the services of other companies as well, however, as it is said the “lion’s share” remained at “Toyota-Yerevan” Company. In addition the sum paid to other companies is less, about 12 million AMD (this refers to the payments made for the services provided by Euromotors”, “Karcomauto”, “Global Motors”, “Multi Motors”, and “Counsel” Companies).

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The other department, which widely used the services of “Toyota-Yerevan” Company, was the State Revenue Committee, which paid 6.4 million AMD for maintenance services of its cars.New Picture (20)

The National Security Service had paid 3.8 million AMD for the purchase of spare parts for trucks, vans and cars. Purchase of spare parts from one supplier is the major unite in the shopping list of this entity, and in its case the supplier was the “Global Motors” Company. Untitled-1 copy (4)
The National Security State Protection Service paid 6 million AMD to “Toyota-Yerevan”.New Picture (8)

The Ministry of Economy paid 2 million AMD for the maintenace and services of the cars.New Picture (7)

The following Departments have paid 1 million and more drams to “Toyota-Yerevan” for care services: Public Services Regulatory Commission 1 million 82 thousands AMD, Ministry of territorial Administration 1 million 90 thousands AMD, the RA Police 1 million AMD.

The prosecutor’s Office spent 900.000AMD for the technical maintenance of its vehicles. The Foreign Ministry’s “State Protocol Service” agency spent 796 thousand AMD. The expenditures of other structures did not exceed 500.000 AMD.

All the above mentioned services were provided by “Toyota-Yerevan” Company. The founders of the company are: Samvel Mayrapetyan, the owner of “H2” TV Company, Sedrak Kocharyan, the son of the second President of RA Robert Kocharyan, Andranik Gevorgyan, who is the relative of the former Minister of Territorial Administration of the RA Armen Gevorgyan and Vahagn Gzraryan.

Astghik Karapetyan