Anti-Corruption Coalition of Shirak Marz CSOs adopted a Statement to the Government

On 12 March, 2015, Anti-Corruption Coalition of Shirak Marz CSOs met in an anti-corruption discussion. The discussion was aimed at expression of the position of Shirak Marz CSOs referring to the Formation of the Anti-Corruption Council pursuant the Decision # 165-N of 19 February 2015.

The participants expressed their concerns about the fact that the Government had not undertaken any significant steps directed to the implementation of the issues raised in the 28 November 2014 address of the CSOs, which was sent to the RA Prime Minister. Neither the Government had accepted the recommendations of the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition and its member organizations referring to a wider involvement of the civil society in the Anti-Corruption Council and ensuring their real participation. More specifically, the proposal to have five CSO representatives instead of the designed two in the composition of the Council. As a result of the discussion the participants adopted an address to the Government.

The following organizations participated in the discussion:

Ara Melikjanyan, President of “Logos” Non-Governmental Organization, Alla Khacahatryan, President of “Araks Center” Benevolent NGO, Marzpetuni Zadoyan, President of “Center of Community Initiatives and Advocacy” NGO, Anna Tadevosyan, President of “Tsoline” Benevolent Cultural Human Rights Protection NGO, Svetlana Mkrtchyan, President of “Flora” Young Women’s Christian Association of Gyumri, Susanna Elbakyan, President of “Holy Land” Benevolent NGO, Armen Gabrielyan, the Founding President of “Kantegh” Children’s and Youth NGO of Gyumri , Tatevik Martirosyan, representative of  “Meghvik” Children and Youth Non-Governmental Organization of Gyumri, Sonya Sargsyan, President of “New Look” Civil Society NGO, Hovhannes Shahbazyan, representative of “Hatsik” Community Center NGO of Hatsik.