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The Court Case on the Death of 2.5 year old Child was postponed

Today, the court case on the fact of the death of 2.5 year old child Lia Misakyan was postponed because of the absence o Givi Hovhannisyan the advocate of one of the defendants, Lilit Vardanyan.

Today in the morning the advocate’s motion informing that he cannot attend the court hearing due to health problems was received at the office of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts of Yerevan city.

The Court under the presidency of the Judge Levon Avetisyan, listened to the positions of the parties on continuing the session, decided to postpone the hearing and set it on 16 March at 16:00.

Notably the prosecution, the successor of the injured party and his representative were for continuation of the hearing on the reasoning that only the prosecutor’s address should be made and it was possible to get acquainted with it entirely as it was being recorded, and Givi Hovhannisyan could get it.

But Yerem Sargsyan, the advocate of the second defendant Zarine Avagyan argued to delay the hearing, because the Criminal Procedure Code does not provide exceptions to deprive a person from defense in the speech phase of the proceeding.

On 31 December 2012, Lia Misakyan had a fever and shocks, when she was brought to the hospital by the ambulance. She died on 2 January 2013. Two doctors, Lilit Vardanyan and Zarine Ayvazyan were charged in the framework of the criminal case.


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