Preliminary Investigation on the case of Avetisyans Murder continues: Details from the Investigative Committee

All the necessary steps to check all hypotheses are being carried out.  Considering the public interest to the case as a result of checking the possibilities of any relations, or meeting in the RF between the accused Permyakov and the members of Avetisyan family it was revealed that Hasmik and Aida Avetisyans and Araksya Poghosyan had not been in Russia from 2005 till the day of the murder. Seryozha and Armen Avetisyans periodically visited the RF, in particular Moscow, Krasnodar, Anapa Sochi and Rostov cities. The activities aimed to check the possibilities in this direction are still going on; the Information and Public Relations department of the RA Investigative Committee informs.

In addition in order to check the possible directions of Valeri Permyakov’s movement, with the use of dogs by the investigators on12 January 2015, the investigators of the Investigative Committee conducted examination and drew the scheme of the possible route.

The results of these activities are compared with the decoded data of the telephones which were at Valeri Permyakov and the data of the telephone stations providing services in that area to reveal possible matches.

As for the information about Permyakov’s insanity, which are circulated in the news about the latter. We inform that the investigative authority which conducts the proceeding does not possess such information and there is no such information in the criminal case.

In the framework of the criminal case considered in the proceeding of the RA Investigative Committee, inquiries about Permyakov’s health were sent to Russia to obtain medical documentation on his medical examinations during the military service and requesting to provide information on their results.

As soon as the documentation is received a complex psychological and psychiatric examination of the accused will be conducted.

Preliminary investigation is going on.

Note: The suspect or the accused of the alleged offence is deemed innocent unless his or her innocence is proved by virtue of the effective court verdict in the manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia.

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