The Day of the Hearing of Vazgen Khachikyan’s Application for Retrial is known

The day of the hearing of application for retrial on the case Vazgen Khachikyan and othershas already been set. The Criminal Court of Appeal will begin the trial on 10 February. The jury of three judges with presiding judge Gagik Avetisyan will consider the case.

In its appeal, the defense asked the court to exact from Vazgen Khachikyan 29,000,000 AMD to pay to the state budget as the recovery for the damages he caused to the state.  At the same time the defense requests to acquit Vazgen Khachikyan under the provision of Article 178. Part 3, Point 1, to stop the criminal proceeding on the grounds of the absence of corpus delicti.

The Court of the First Instance had sentenced Vazgen Khachikyan to 12 years in prison (Details on the court case here).

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