How the Judge was arrested when taking Bribe. (Video)

Тhe National Security Service of the RA has published a video, which was made prior and during the arrest of Judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Lori marz Khachatur Khachatryan.

On 25 December, as a result of operative-investigative measures of the National Security Service of the RA, Judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Lori marz Khachatur Khachatryan was arrested at the moment of taking a 20.000USD bribe. The source informs that Khachatur Khachatryan had requested and received a bribe of 20.000USD for making a favorable decision on the civil case of a businessman in his procedure. The NSS of the RA has initiated a criminal case under the requirements of Clause 2 and 3 of Part 4 of Article 311 of the Criminal Code of the RA.

The citizen who give the bribe in the video notes that he had collected the required 20.000USD with difficulty: “I shall help you by all means, you did not understand my character. OK, if so open and put it there,” says the judge to the citizen.  The citizen asked to count the money, but the judge refused, “All I am doing now, be sure, I am doing for you. Feel yourself safe till April for sure. I shall tell you in 3 or 4 days, how safe you may feel yourself after April. You have, 1000 apologies, God has created me to help you,” the judge days after the money was passed.

Advocate Karen Tumanyan, the defender of Khachatur Khachatryan’s rights informed to that the judge had not taken a bribe. He added that Khachatur Khachatryan had not testified yet. “The judge has not provided his position yet, is not involved as an accused, there is no charge, and therefore he has no position yet,” Mr. Tumanyan said.

The video from the YouTube page of the Public TV.

Note: The suspect or the accused of the alleged offence is deemed innocent unless his or her innocence is proved by virtue of the effective court verdict in the manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia.

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