The First Graduates of the Justice Academy received Diplomas

The Prosecution and the Judiciary systems will be complemented with new members.

Today, the graduation ceremony of the first graduates of the graduates took place in the Justice academy, the candidates to judges and prosecutors received their diplomas.

Ruben Melikyan, the Rector of the Academy handed the diplomas. Representatives of judiciary, prosecution and the Government attended the ceremony.

This year 20 individuals were included in the list of the candidates, who passed an 8.5 months training in the academy, of which 11 were trained in civil, 8 in criminal and 1 in administrative professions. 15 persons were included in prosecutors’ list of which 11 graduated from the course.

The training lasted from 17 March till 28 November 2014 in 5 phases. The length of the training was 1010 academic hours, of which 450 the training course, 60 hours for exams, 480 hors probation and 20 hours of the invited professors.

Details in the video. 

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