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I hugged her, said “my child, my child”, she was kind of heavier. Father of the Dead Child Testifies at the Court

Today the court of general jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun communities continued the trial of doctors Lilit Vardanyan and Zarine Ayvazyan accused of the death of 2,5-year old Lia Misakyan.

During the court sitting Lia Misakyan`s father Georgi Misakyan gave testimony.

He told that on 31 December the child had a temperature and was in concussions. They tried to decrease the temperature through medication and called the ambulance.

“We were told to take the child to the hospital as it wasn`t advisable to keep her in that condition at home. The concussions could repeat. As I had an insurance at the Arabkir Medical Center, I thought it`d be better to take her there. My wife went in the ambulance car, and I followed them in my car. Before I got there doctor Lilit Vardanyan had already examined my child and said there was nothing dangerous. There was no problem with lungs”.

On 2 January when Georgi Misakyan went to the hospital, the wife told him there was another doctor. They turned on the oxygen apparatus to help the child breath. Then seeing the situation didn`t get better father went to the doctors` room and told Manyan Irina to come and examine his child as she couldn`t eat or drink anything.

“I constantly told them that the child didn`t feel good, breathes heavily. I asked them to come and examine her. Some 20 minutes after I asked Irina Manyan came and said an immediate X-Ray Analysis was needed. After it the nurse said she didn`t understand what the problem was. A couple of hours later the doctor said it was a pneumonia of the right lung”.

As Lia was constantly feeling bad, father went out to bring some clothes. When he came back, she wasn`t there and had been taken to the doctors` room to help her breath oxygen.

“When the child was brought back, she was lying. I saw that her lips got blue. I hugged her, said “my child, my child”. I opened her eyes and saw the pupils enlarged, I shouted for the doctor. Manyan Irina said the child should be immediately taken to the intensive care unit. A couple of hours later they came and said my child had died”.

Arev Avagyan


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