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Our Relative Came with Her Head down and I Understood from her Face Expression that She was going to Say Something Horrible. Tells the Mother of the Dead Child

The court of general jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Communities today continued the trial on the case of doctors Lilit Vardanyan and Zarine Ayvazyan accused of the death of 2.5-year old Lia Misakyan.

The mother of the dead child, witness of the case Ashkhen Babayan testified at the court. She told the court that on 30 December 2012 Lia had a temperature, but they didn`t think that it was serious, they fought it was an ordinary flu.

“There was not anything critical. It was just an ordinary virus, flu. Next day the temperature rose again, we gave pills. Later on when the temperature decreased, the child`s guts started to function again. She wanted something to eat. We gave water and she ate something. She was sitting with a bread in her hands. And suddenly she started to shiver. As I didn`t see this in any of my other children I got much afraid. I assumed it was a shock. My husband hugged the child and brought her back to consciousness. She had bitten her tongue and was bleeding. We were very afraid and called the Ambulance”, told the mother of the dead child.

The child was transferred to the Arabkir Medical Center. “We were received by doctor Lilit Vardanyan at the reception. She listened to the lungs and said there was no problem there. It was just a virus. We were transferred to the 4th chamber. The child had a high temperature”.

As the doctor Larisa told the child was in a normal condition after the temperature dropped a little, Ashkhen Babayan went back home as she had a 10-month old child, and the husband Georgi Misakyan stayed at the hospital.

Ashkhen Babayan told the court that on December 1 the doctor was already Zarine. “She asked about the child. She saw the child from afar, maybe she thought everything was normal, and afterwards I didn`t see her. She neither checked the lungs, nor the throat”.

“On the third day Irina Manyan was the doctor already, and I am very grateful to her for her nice attitude”.

According to Ashkhen Babayan Irina Manyan did everything needed. And then she said that the child is not breathing well and it worried her. “I described everything. She said they`ll undertake measures and that a double blood analysis is needed. Then they checked the throat, did an X-ray analysis and said that the condition is of middle gravity. The situation was already tense”.

According to the mother of the child, when they came back to the chamber, the child was very weak. Together with her husband they tried to make the child eat something, but the latter refused. “It was around 11 in the night. The child was in my embrace. I felt that she became weaker, and she had dilation of pupils. It got us by surprise and we started to shout and call the doctor, They took the child to the intensive care unit. I was downstairs, then our relative came with her head down, and from her face expression I understood she was going to tell something horrible. I started to shout and cry, and then I don`t remember anything”.

Next court session is scheduled for 24 March.

Arev Avagyan


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