Has the Anti-Corruption Coalition Raised Panic for the Mayor of Vanadzor?

Yesterday the Anti-Corruption Coalition of CSOs was established, and today in some circles it raises panic. So, in one of the media means which name will hardly be known to you, an article appeared, or better say a post which accuses Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO for the fight against corruption.

Seems like there`s no problem, just a faceless website published a material devoid of ethical norms, in reality this is an evidence that a concealed panic rises in the regions. The mentioned material is published by Armweeklynews website. The owner of this website is the head of Department on information and employment and the secretariat Edik Hovsepyan (see in the picture).

This person not only violated the principles of public servant (holding this office and being the owner and editor of a website). Though the Facebook page of this person clearly states that he is the owner and the editor of thenkar3333 website, Edik Hovsepyan denied that fact in the talk with us. “Just the domain is regstered under my name, but I am not the editor”, he tried to justify himself. Besides he is also a relative to the Vanadzor mayor Samvel Darbinyan (it already makes it obvious why Edik Hovsepyan`s website opposes the anti-corruption struggle, at least it is a  clash of interests and violation of the principles of integrity to get hired through kinship ties). The fact that he has such ties was confirmed also by Edik Hovsepyan.

The aspirations of this person to blacken the anti-corruption struggle are conditioned by the following circumstances.

Firstly, the regional coordinator of AYLA, advocate Arthur Sukiasyan recently filed a lawsuit as an advocate against the Vanadzor municipality for refraining from averting the administrative proceeding and obligating to provide information, on applying administrative penalties. “I want information on this matter from the Municipality and for not providing me this information I demand to apply administrative penalties to the mayor Samvel Darbinyan”, said the advocate.

And later the members of Anti-Corruption Coalition – regional branch of AYLA and “Union of Lorians” Benevolent NGO are actively involved in the public control over the activities of Vanadzor municipality, which in this case might have become a ground for such a reaction of the above-mentioned dishonest official. Let us also add that the “Armenian Constitutional Rights Protective” NGO, Club of Journalists “Selen” NGO and other CSOs from Lori Region are also members of the Anti-Corruption Coalition.

We can conclude from the above-mentioned that the image would not have been full without the Mayor`s participation, and so in fact certain circles became contumacious against the Anti-Corruption Coalition, especially in the Municipality of Vanadzor represented by the mayor of Vanadzor Samvel Darbinyan.

Head of Lori regional branch of AYLA Arthur Sukiasyan informed that they plan to present to the confirmation of the Coalition of CSOs a project of anti-corruption monitoring of the Municipality purchases, selection of public servants and staff appointments by the Mayor, and with this project it will be possible to reveal the corruption risks, problems and violations in the mentioned spheres, present those to the society and respective state bodies.

Photos from the Vanadzor Muncipality website and Edik Hovsepyan`s Facebook page.