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“I`ve got Interested in who the Child was, the Causes of Death, but didn`t get any Concrete Answer”. Nurse

Today the Court of general jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Communities of Yerevan continued the trial on the charges against doctors Lilit Vardanyan and Zarine Ayvazyan accused of the death of 2,5-year old Lia Misakyan.

Witness Susanna Ispiryan, nurse on duty at the Medical Center of Arabkir gave testimony. She couldn`t inform details on the case of the child`s death justifying this with the fact that during her duty she was in charge of chambers 8-15, and Lia Misakyan was not under her care.

According to the witness, on 1 January, when the doctor was Zarine Ayvazyan: “I assumed my duty at 09:00 in the morning. I went through all the chambers with her. She presented the patients to me. I had an uneasy patient. I informed the nurse about this, and she came once to the intensive care unit to examine that patient. And as Lia Misakyan was not under my care, I can`t say anything about her”.

She learned about the death of Lia Misakyan on 4 January, when she was at home, but she couldn`t remember who told her about it and why the child died. “I`ve got interested in who the child was, why she died, but didn`t get any concrete answer”.

Let us remind that Lia Misakyan was accepted to the Arabkir Medical Center on 31 December 2012, and died on 2 January 2013. Susanna Ispiryan informed the court that while shifting the duties with Zarine Ayvazyan, the latter examined all the children, gave respective instructions, and even called for a couple of times to see how the patients are doing. “I didn`t see any indifference from the side of Zarine Ayvazyan with regard to the patients in 8 chambers under my care. Besides, Zarine Ayvazyan was in charge of two other units and also took care of the patients at the reception”.

Attorney Yerem Sargsyan in his part added that on 1 January there were 107 patients under Zarine Ayvazyan`s care. Next court sitting is set for 30 April.

Arev Avagyan


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