“Have taken the Scissors and shaped this Case.” Defense Speeches in Court

Today, Liparit Sargsyan, attorney of the defendant Ashot Abrahamyan in the case Vazgen Khachikyan and others, held a defense speech at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities.

As we have informed Ashot Abrahamyan was the Head of Separate Programs’ Department of the State Service on Social Security of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. According to accusation, their organized group had appropriated especially large sum of money – 260.956.681AMD from the RA Pension Funds and also committed official forgery. The prosecutor filed a motion to sentence him to 6.5 years in prison.

Liparit Simonyan mentioned that if the court finds that judgment should be rendered, then, based on the size of the charge, as well as on the civil claim, certain amount of the money that are considered as appropriation in different episodes, should be taken out of that amount. He cited that episodes.

The attorney also added that his client had not been previously convicted and was characterized positively and thus a lenient punishment under the requirements of Article 179 Part 3 should be applied instead of those described in Article 64 of the RA Criminal Code. In addition he possesses illness which is classified as the serious illnesses that hinder to incurring sentence.

Further the attorney of accused Hamlet Martirosyan and Hranush Danielyan held the defense speech. The prosecutor filed a motion to sentence them to 4 years in prison.

The attorney noted that the clients were accused in being members of an organized group, but there was nothing like that, they had an instruction from the superior body to prepare the lists. However when they felt that it may be considered a crime they will fully refused to take part in it.

Referring to the activities of the investigative body, the attorney said, “This body in excess of its functions had taken the scissors and shaped this case. This people have done nothing, why do you want to subject them to criminal liability? They should befound not guilty.” The attorney requested to consider hamlet Martirosyan’s health condition as well as his reputation and activities.

The defendants did not make defense speeches, and joined the defenders speeches.

The other parties had not prepared speech, and the court gave them time until November 20.


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