The Incomes Declared by the Newly-Appointed Court President and His Wife

Mushegh Papiki Harutyunyan, who was appointed the President of the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Lori Region by the RA President`s decree of 25 October 2014, declared 22.000.000 AMD in 2013, which decreased by the end of the fiscal year, getting to the levels of 20.000.000 AMD. Besides, the newly-appointed president of the Court declared that his job salary and equal payments accounted for 8.017.386 AMD for the year of 2013.

As an affiliated person his wife Armine Abajyan also presented a Declaration, and according to the Annual Income and Properties Declaration published by the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials, she declared 4.700.000 AMD in 2013, which increased by the end of the year up to 7.000.000 AMD, and her job salary and equal payments accounted for 2.337.000 AMD.