For every lawyer it is an honor to work at the ECHR: Armen Harutyunyan

As we already informed today the interview stage for the candidate competition for Armenia`s judge at the ECHR was launched. First one to take part in this stage was Regional Representative of the UN Human Rights Commissioner in Central Asia, Temporary (ad interim) head of the UN Mission of Human Rights Monitoring in Ukraine, Doctor of Law Armen Harutyunyan. After the interview he mentioned to the journalists that the procedure is implemented on international standards. “I think it was transparent, the Commission was representative. They were people who deal with the ECHR, there was the Minister of Justice and others, it couldn`t have been the Minister of Finance, surely. To be honest, I haven`t specially prepared, I didn`t have that opportunity in Ukraine. It was on a medium level of complexity. I came to take the interview and leave for Ukraine”.
To the question of whether his current job is not less important than that of Armenia`s judge at the ECHR, and why he has decided to fight for that position, Mr. Harutyunyan answered: “Yes, it`s like that, but for every lawyer it`s an honor to represent Armenia at the ECHR”.

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