Vazgen Khachikyan`s charges have been changed

The Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan continued the court sitting, presided by Arshak Vardanyan and on the case of former head of the State Social Security Service of the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Vazgen Khachikyan and others. The prosecution stated that defendants Vazgen Khachikyan`s, Ashot Abrahamyan`s, Hovhannes Grigoryan`s and Samvel Elbakyan`s charges had changed, so it was needed to restart the investigation. Defense party did not object.

Then the Prosecutor announced new charges against these defendants.

In the accusation conclusion of Vazgen Khachikyan and the other 3 defendants Article 38 (Types of Accomplices) of the RA Criminal Code was added, which “already refers to the role taht the defendant played while implementing the given fraud”, clarified Vazgen Khachikyan`s lawyer Zhora Varosyan to

Judge Arshak Vardanyan set a 1-week period to get acquainted with the new charges. Next court sitting will be held at 12:00 on October 2.

After the trial Vazgen Khachikyan`s lawyer informed that while presenting new charges the prosecutor did not bring in proper justifications, also he added that there had not been any essential changes in the accusation. “Also the charges have been changed in terms of the money (from 260 mln to 267 mln). Now charges have been put on this matter as well. Non-insertion of updates would have been a great mistake, as there has not been any charges of 267 mln against Vazgen Khachikyan, moreover, without these charges passing a judicial act in his presence would have been a mistake”, said the lawyer.

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