The income of the Constitutional Court judge Arevik Petrosyan

The RA Constitutional Court member Arevik Petrosyan holds this position since 08 December, 2010. According to the annual property and income declaration published by the Commission on Ethics of the High-Ranking Officials, in the course of 2013 the official declared 20.000.000 AMD, which declined by the end of the fiscal year reaching to the level of 500.000 AMD. In the end of the fiscal year A. Petrosyan declared 90.000 USD.

In 2013 job salary and/or equal payments of A. Petrosyan accounted for 6.022.975 AMD, the income from other civil-legal contracts – 1.747.077 AMD, and the property, financial means (excluding those received as a job or service) received as a charity or assistance accounted for 18.000.000 AMD.