“Draft law can become an evil for entrepreneurs”, Sedrak Asatryan

The RA draft laws on “Amending RA Criminal Code” and on “Adding and amending RA Code on Administrative Offences”, having been put into circulation, can become an evil for entrepreneurs, claims lawyer Sedrak Asatryan, “Concern-Dialogue” company director.

He thinks that the draft law authors have put it into circulation with good intentions, as they included warning institute in the document, but they didn`t take into account the practice of using Article 205 of the RA Criminal Code and problems in that regard. “All comes from there as considering that practice will have more negative results”, the lawyer mentioned. “This draft law two constituents have been included in the circulation: one is the institute of warnings, and the other – that non-payment of taxes is a criminally prosecuted act. But non-payment of taxes cannot be considered a dangerous act, if the entrepreneur has shown the real volumes in the report, but due to certain factors have not implemented the payment as required, he cannot be accused as carrying out actions in bad intentions, as he does not conceal anything”, underlined the lawyer. So Mr. Asatryan proposed an alternative option in this regard.