Newly appointed Head of the National Assembly, Galust Sahakyan has modest Income

The newly appointed head of the National Assembly, Galust Sahakyan about whom many discussions were made recently as the deputy of the NA has 3,717,000 AMD incomes during 2013.

The big amount of the mentioned sum, 3,429,000 AMD the Head of the NA received as the sum of remuneration for labor and/or other wages and 288,000 AMD as a pension. As we see the financial means of Galust Sahakyan are quite modest.

However, we cannot say the same about his wife, Janna Aghababyan’s income. Her incomes during 2013 were 10 times more than her husband’s: 30,488,000 AMD.

From this sum 28,500,000 AMD was a dividend; 324,000 AMD was a pension and 1,664,000 AMD was remuneration for labor and/or other wages. In contrast with the husband who did nօt have money at the beginning and at the end of the tax year, Janna Aghababyaն had 60,785,765 AMD which at the end of the year became 75,785,765 AMD.

It is worth to mention that the annual declaration of Ethics Committees for High-Ranking Officials presented by Galust Sahakyan shows the names of his relatives who have high positions. For example, his son, Tigran Sahakyan is the Deputy of the Minister of Health of the RA, another son; Arman Sahakyan is the head of the Department of State Property Management by the Government of the RA.