On the Income of Deputy Prosecutor General and his Wife

In 2013 the Ex-Chairman of the Ethical Committee for High-Ranking Officials Emil Babayan, current Deputy Prosecutor General had income of 8.306.480 accumulated from remuneration for labor. Iravabn.net learnt this from the declaration on his property and income for 2013, which he submitted to the Ethical Committees for High-Ranking Officials. He did not obtain any real estate, movable or valuable property. He did not have securities or investments, loans given or returned either. In the beginning of the fiscal year he had 3.600.000 AMD on his accounts, which at the end of the year amounted to 5.400.000.

In 2013, Emil Babayan’s wife, Anna Shahnazaryan had the income of only 180.000AMD. At the beginning of the year she had 800.000AMD, which at the end of the year amounted to 500.000 AMD.