“You’re Inhuman,” – A’s Mother said to the Court: the Young Fellows will stay under the Arrest

Today, the First Instance Court of Armavir marz under the Presidency of Judge vahe Khalatyan, rejected the defense motion to substitute the arrest of defendants A, G and R, who were charged in hooliganism, intentional destruction and damage of the property, with bail. The judge considered the application of bail inadmissible.
The situation in courtroom was tense. The relatives of the defendants were in the extremely emotional state. After the judge read the decision A’s mother stated in a low voice, “You are inhuman…”
The motion was brought yesterday by A’s advocate Andranik Hakobyan and G’s advocate Mkrtich Davtyan.
R’s advocate had submitted to the court the guarantees from Naira Karapetyan and Levon Martirosyan, MPs from the “Republican” Party, and the guarantees for A were provided by YSU lecturer Khachik Gevorgyan, Executive Director of US Alumni Association of Armenia and Arthur Ishkhanyan, PHD in Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the NAC
Arthur Klyan, the 4th defendant of the case was released earlier due to the mental problems.

Note. Everyone charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty by the court verdict lawfully entered into force as prescribed by Criminal Procedure Code.

In order to exercise the right to be forgotten, the name(s)/surname(s), photo(s), video(s) were edited in the publication and do not reflect the data of the real people. 07.06.2018


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