The Judge who received Reprimand in 2012 shall decide the Matter to substitute the Arrest of the Cambridge Graduate and his Friends with Bail

Vahe Khalatyan, the judge of the case of the Cambridge Graduate and his Friends had received a reprimand from the Council of Justice for obvious and gross violation of the material law. learnt this from the decision of the Council of Justice.  
Vahe Khalatyan, Judge of the First Instance Court of Armavir marz submitted the following explanation to the Disciplinary Commission:
“I accept the findings and reasoning of the decision completely. However, at the same time I want to not that the omission was a result of my overload in the period when the decision was made, as well as of my being inattentive. I consider necessary to note that prior to taking a decision on that case, I did not neglect the opinion on the issue of matter of the subject provided by the head of Armavir Subdivision on Alternative Punishments of the Penitentiary department of the RA Ministry of Justice and thus came to a wrong conclusion. I realize my mistake and apologize for it.”
The Council of Justice considered the case and recorded that the Judge (Vahe Khalatyan – editor.) without having such authority, had exempted from punishment a person, which according to the court decision that had entered into force was not connected with deprivation of liberty,   
Today, on 11 September, Judge Vahe Khalatyan went to the deliberation room to decide the matter to substitute the arrest of defendants Aram Mughdalyan, Gagik Arakelyan and Robert Piloyan with bail. The verdict will be announced tomorrow at 9:30.


Nune Hovsepyan

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