New Evidences on the Case of Killed Armenian Soldier

During the periodical court session on the case of Armenian soldier, resident of Istanbul, Sahak Shah, killed on 24 April 2011, security guards of the village and the driver who took the soldier to the hospital gave testimonies. The attorney of Sevak’s family, Ismail Jem said that the testimony of security guards is very important since there are contradictions in the information they gave.
As the Turkish Posta reports, the security guards testified for about 3 hours and told about the events of the day of the murder. They mentioned that on that day only Kvanc Agaoglu had a gun. “We were drinking tea in the unit, which is located at a distance of 150 meters when we heard shots. We looked at the direction of the soldiers and saw Sevak lying on the ground and Kvanc standing in three meters from him. We took Sevak to the hospital but he died on the road,” they said.
To note, in the morning of April 24, which is considered the Day of Remembrance of the victims of Genocide of Armenians in Turkey, Istanbul Armenian soldier Sevak Sahin Balikci was murdered by a fellow Turkish soldier.

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