7th International Conference of CIS Member States Lawyers in Yerevan

7th international conference of CIS member states’ lawyers started in Yerevan. Tigran Sargsyan, Prime Minister of Armenia assured that it would have positive influence upon the development of legal thinking, considering the exceptional experience that exists in CIS member states. “Currently the Post Soviet countries try to pass through the stage of complicated changes, which shall change the society completely and qualitatively. From this point of view we all face a number of specific difficulties and try to find our own solutions, which will provide opportunity to succeed from the old system into the new coming one and to organize this transition efficiently,” Tigran Sargsyan said.
The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the issues which the participants of the conference considered urgent, and assured that the conference should provide opportunity to introduce Armenia’s experience in that field and exchange of opinions.
According to information of the RA Government the conference is aimed to connect organization of the meeting of CIS and international representatives of the legal sphere to explore joint business opportunities and to establish grounds for the future stable cooperation. Around 135 representatives of a number of authoritative legal companies attended the conference.

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