Disciplinary Penalty imposed against Two Employees of Hrazdan Department of Police

On 14.08.2012, V.M. from Hrazdan City applied to Kotayk Anti-Corruption center with request to support him.The problem was that about a year ago his cow was stolen. He had reported about the theft to Hrazdan Police immediately, but did not receive any information about the process of his matter for a long time. At the same time the beneficiary informed that about 8 months earlier he had recognized his cow, which was among the live stoke of a man from another community. In result of multiple requests, the police provided a reply informing that they should inform him as soon as they had any news.



Issuing from the existing uncertainty, the beneficiary was concerned about the non-biasness of the police with regard to examination of his matter.



On 04.08.2012, the beneficiary’s application was directed to the Prosecutor’s Office of Kotayk marz. The latter instructed the Hrazdan Department of the RA Police at the Government of the RA to prepare materials under the requirements of Articles 180-181 of Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia, and in addition to undertake measures to reveal the reason of inaction of the Hrazdan police employee of corresponding department, and failure to undertake corresponding measures referring the matter after being informed of the crime, as well as the reasons for failure to register the matter and initiating a procedure. On 03.09.2012, Hrazdan Police Department informed about initiating an action and investigation of the matter.



In result, in compliance with the notice received from the Prosecutor’s Office of Kotayk marz of the RA, on 04.10.2012, the Head of Hrazdan Police Department had initiated a service investigation, and as a result disciplinary penalty imposed against two employees of Hrazdan Department of Police. In addition in compliance with the materials prepared in Hrazdan Department of Police, on 14.09.2012 a criminal case was initiated under the requirements of Article 177(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia, and currently a pre-investigation is in process.



The success story is borrowed from www.aac.am.

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