Photographing and distribution of the Ballot Paper is prohibited by Law

The staff of the Human Rights Defender has recorded social networking posts that voters are forced to or are called to photograph the ballot papers and thus prove the concrete results of the voting.

Such a process violates the electoral right.

The Ombudsman considers it necessary to remind all citizens that the Criminal Code considers it a crime to compel the voter to express the outcome of the voting, checking the ballot papers, ballot papers, entering the voting booth, as well as violation of privacy of voting by any other action. This action is punished with a fine of 500,000-700,000 AMD or imprisonment for 2-5 years.

In addition, publicity of voting results, as well as by the publication of the document revealing the outcome of voting for the purpose of voting, or by publishing information, shall be punished with a fine of 100.000-200. 000 AMD.

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