Elections 2012: Information leaflets

Elections 2012: Information leaflets on legal consequences of voter bribing

Armenian Constitution article 30 stipulates that citizens over 18 years of age are eligible to vote.

Creating obstacles for free expression of voter’s will including bribing to vote for or against a certain candidate is a crime stipulated by RA Criminal Code article 154 2, which envisages punishment up to imprisonment.

RA Prosecution prepared information leaflets informing citizens about criminal responsibility for bribing voters and that those who volunteer information about bribes will be relieved of criminal responsibility.

Today the Prosecution will distribute the information leaflets to all stakeholders including NGOs, candidates, political parties and blocs, who will support the fight against election bribes and raise citizen awareness. To get accreditation to attend the event, media representatives, monitors, as well as candidates for parliament may register on April 28, 09:00-11:00 by calling at 511 -628 phone number. Information by RA Prosecution.

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