The Prime Minister did not accept Mane Tandilyan’s Resignation

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced during the government session that he had not accepted resignation pf the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilyan.

“I have not accepted the resignation. During joint discussions, we have decided to continue working together and should work on the issue, which is a source of heated debate not only in the government, but also among the public. It is about the cumulative pension system. As we have previously agreed, we should work with the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Justice to make this system more acceptable and more reliable in the future,” Pashinyan said.

Mane Tandilyan mentioned that the resignation application was related to this issue and she has an objective to increase the reliability of that system.

“We will summarize and submit a new draft to the government,” she said.

Notably, yesterday the National Assembly passed the draft law “On Cumulative Pensions” in the first reading.

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