22 Criminal Cases on Facts of Corruption Crimes in Educational Institutions are investigated

22 criminal cases on the abuses of official position, fraud, plundering using official position, bribery, and other crimes by the heads of educational institutions are under investigation in the investigative bodies under the supervision of the Corruption and Economic Crimes Department of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office.16 of these cases are relate to schools, 4 cases to kindergartens directors, 2 cases to university officials. Two criminal cases were instituted against the principles of 4 kindergartens, 4 cases against 4 school directors.

The Public Relations Department of the RA General Prosecutor’s Office reports.

Damage to the state from the 22 criminal cases amounts to AMD 33,227,700, of which 2,123,000 Armenian drams have been recovered during the investigation.

The overwhelming majority of these criminal cases are being examined and are related to presenting more number of students in the tariffs lists and seizing additional sums of money, gaining or wasting the salary of persons who were registered in an educational institution but do not come to work, steal funds for food of  the students of the educational institution and goods and services procured for the needs of the educational institution, defining obviously high prices for construction and renovation works and as a result theft of part of it by compiling false documents, false certificates, fundraising and manifestation of other forms of corruption.


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