Statement by President Armen Sargsyan on the Internal Political Situation

Dear Compatriots,

I express my deep concern about the situation in the Republic.

Intolerance poising in the air has reached the peak. I am deeply concerned about the rejection of a proposal for dialogue, which can lead to confrontation.

So I turn to everyone, pause and think soberly about the consequences of this confrontation.

This is not a political call, but I appeal to you as a parent as a friend and as an Armenian.

I urge everyone to make extreme restraint and responsibility before making any movement, strictly follow the spirit and the letter of the law, not to go beyond the rights and responsibilities of the Armenian citizens, and not excess your official authority.

Any political claim, regardless of how reasonable it may be; if it endanger the health and life of a citizen, becomes meaningless.

Unfortunately, we have that experience and should not allow it to be repeated.

There will be no winners and losers, all of us will suffer, and the country will suffer.

It is necessary to discharge the tension. We should not allow the situation where the gap dividing the sides could not be connected by a bridge.

Therefore, I am ready to meet with National Assembly deputy Nikol Pashinyan to tackle the existing tension through the dialogue of political forces.

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