Some Participants of the Rally had Stabbing and Cutting Tools

On 17 April, 2018 at 13 pm, some people gathered on Nikol Pashinyan’s call, during the blockade of government buildings, state bodies, and other agencies in Yerevan on Vazgen Sargsyan Street, have damaged the cars of citizens and public servants which were parked there, and tear away their number plates. This fact is also evidence that some participants of the assembly had stabbing and cutting tools, which obviously contradicted the assurances of the organizers of assembly that the assembly is peaceful and is proceeding without violence and other offenses. Moreover, the objective data obtained show that these actions were carried out in presence of the organizers of the rally. If the assurances of the organizers are sincere, then such a situation has a clear legal regulation and the organizer of the rally has the right to apply to the police officers in the manner provided by the RA Law on Freedom of Assembly to remove persons from the place of assembly who brutally violate the peaceful and normal course of assembly, whereas the Police did not receive such application from the organizer. The Police of the Republic of Armenia takes measures to identify and reveal the offenders.

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