Nikol Pashinyan called his Supporters at Baghramyan Avenue


The Cameraman of reports that Nikol Pashinyan called his supporters at Baghramyan Avenue and said that the injury was not serious and that he would soon join them.

It should be noted that police forces have approached a water cannon machine to Baghramyan Avenue.


Levon Yeranosyan, the Deputy Chief of the RA Police has come to Baghramyan Avenue. After his arrival, the policemen on the other side of the barblock put on special anti-gas masks, probably for special means.

The citizens have moved a little back, but continue chanting continues. The police warn that there is a decision to terminate the asembly.


Member of the National Assembly Nikol Pashinyan was taken to hospital by a police car. It is noted that the deputy was injured in the hands and face. He is taken to “Nairi” MC.


An ambulance arrived at Baghramyan Avenue. The demonstrators are shouting that there are wounded people.


The police are wearing gas masks. The cameraman of has fixed two young men with injuries.


The demonstrators have raised their hands up showing that they are unarmed. One of the policemen felt bad bad. The police asked for water from the demonstrators.


There is an explosion in Baghramyan Avenue (in front of the Constitutional Court), smoke rises in the avenue.


Nikol Pashinyan climbed up barrier of the police. The clash between the police and the demonstrators started. Police brought barblock to Baghramyan.


Police blocked the road leading to the National Assembly on Baghramyan Avenue.

“If there is a barrier here, you have to pass over us. Will you?” Valeri Osipyan Deputy Chief of Yerevan Police said.

“The police cannot instruct me how to go to my work place. You cannot tell me how I should go to my place of work,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Deputy Chief of Police told Nikol Pashinyan and three other MPs, Lena Nazaryan, Ararat Mirzoyan and Sasun Mikayelyan, to go to the NA through another way. The MP was against.

Gepostet von am Montag, 16. April 2018

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