Sergey Sargsyan, Co-Founder of the “ArmComedy” Program, Guest of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders

Today, the participants of the the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders hosted Sergei Sargsyan, the co-founder of “ArmComedy” Program.

Serge Sargsyan presented the experience of Armenia in the use of satire as a mechanism to combat corruption, how the corruption occurrences are taunted and negative public opinion is formed.

The Anti-Corruption School was organised on the initiative of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association (ALA) in cooperation with the Armenia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition.

It should be noted that the school will last for about a year. It is planned that the school will end in December of this year.

Young people interested in anti-corruption issues and dissemination of principles of integrity, anti-corruption reforms, changing the environment through anti-corruption reforms and introduction of anti-corruption culture in Armenia have been selected to participate in the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders.

In the course of the school the participants will attend anti-corruption thematic lectures, visit various government agencies, public, international and business organizations having the aim to get acquainted with the anti-corruption activities and integrity principles of these bodies.

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