Property and Income of SRC Southern Customs House Department Head

Property and Income of SRC Southern Customs House Department Head

Colonel of the Ministry of Defense and Customs Service Ashot Minasyan has been the head of the Southern Customs House Department of the SRC since 2017. At the moment of assuming this post, Ashot Minasyan declared:

  • one land plot,
  • 4.13 million drams of income from salary.

The Judicial Information System informs that in July 2014 “Ardshininbank” CJSC appealed to the court demanding to recognize Ashot Minasyan bankrupt. The case was admitted and notification was sent to Minasyan’s registration address, but the envelope of the notification was returned with a note “shifted”. This case was suspended.

According to the official website of the RA Ministry of Finance, Ashot Minasyan was the head of Syunik regional customs office of the RA Ministry of Finance, thus it was obvious that Ashot Minasyan’s place of work of was known and, therefore, it was petitioned to renew the proceedings and send the materials and notifications to the address of Ashot Minasyan’s place of business to be handed over. Taking into account the above mentioned circumstances, the Court restated the bankruptcy case on February 16, 2015.

Excerpt from the judgement of ՍԴ3/0040/04/14 case

According to the materials of the case, the Bank had provided Ashot Minasyan with a USD 20,000 renewable consumer credit line on 24 May, 2011, with a repayment period of up to 31 May 2013 and a 15% annual payment. Another loan agreement was signed on 9 September of the same year. $ 20,000 renewable consumer credit line to be provided with a repayment term of 9 September and a 15% annual payment.

Ashot Minasyan failed to fulfill his obligations and as of 11 June, 2014, he owed more than $ 58,000 to the bank. Taking into account these circumstances, the bank demanded recognition of Ashot Minasyan as bankrupt.

The judgment says that the respondent Ashot Minasyan said that after getting acquainted with the materials of the case, he had no objections to the claim. The Court satisfied the demand of the bank on 29 April, 2015 and recognized Ashot Minasyan as bankrupt.

Excerpt from the judgement of ՍԴ3/0040/04/14 case

People who live with him

According to Ashot Minasyan’s declaration, Tirayer and Taron Ashot Minasyans, Syuzanna Ivanyan and minor children, Narek and Hrant Minasyans, reside together with him.

The “BETTER PLANET” charitable NGO with the participation of Tirayr Minasyan is registered in the State Register of Legal Entities. It was created on 23 September, 2017. The president is Vache Tangyan. Other information about this NGO is missing (statute, other documents). The Internet does not have any information about what the NGO has been doing during the months of existence. Tirayr Minasyan’s role in this NGO is unclear as well.

We learn from the state register of legal entities that Taron Ashot Minasyan is the director of “Min Hov” LLC since 3 December, 2012. According to the data of taxpayers’ system this company is engaged in trading activities, and conducts breeding of decorative fish.

There are also other companies in the State Registry that are associated with the people residing with Ashot Minasyan, but the data of the registry are incomplete, there are defective, empty lines, this is why we do not publish information on them.

These people have not yet submitted property and income declarations.

Astghik Karapetyan


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