One of the new EU Programs will provide development of Energy Efficiency in Armenian Communities

“EU4Civil Society: Energy Efficiency in Armenian Communities” is a two year initiative aimed at involving the public in reviewing the perceptions of energy efficiency in the broader layers of society as a mean for decrease and elimination of poverty level in Armenia.

The program will be financed by the EU, following the signing of the five new civil society grant contracts by the head of the delegation, Piotr Świtalski and five civil society organizations on January 19.

With this program, the National Social Housing Association Foundation – Armenia in cooperation with its partners from Germany, Czech Republic; and the Netherlands will address energy efficiency issues in rural areas by raising awareness and applying practical steps to improve energy consumption, improve living standards and reduce energy costs. The project will involve CSOs and media in 5 marzes (Lori, Tavush, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, and Ararat) to work on issues of energy efficiency of urban and rural communities.

People will learn new methods of use energy efficiently, mobilize community resources and effectively collaborate with local governments and private companies for energy efficiency issues. The project with total budget of 372,231 euros (EU contribution – 335,000 Euros) will also contribute to the implementation of community initiatives and will create new opportunities for civic groups to mobilize resources for effective partnership with municipalities to achieve synergetic effects and ensure long-term sustainability for investments made in energy efficiency and community development.

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