The Results, Tasks and Prospects of the First Year of Probation Service were presented

A discussion on the results of the first year of the probation service, its problems and prospects took place on January 18 at Erebuni Hall of Yerevan Erebuni Plaza Business Center, organized by Civil Society Institute (CSI) Jointly with the State Probation Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

Among the participants were RA Deputy Minister of Justice Suren Krmoyan, Head of the State Probation Service of the RA Ministry of Justice Arsen Navasardyan, President of “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO Karen Zadoyan and other representatives of state structures and non-governmental organizations.

2017 was the first full calendar year of the Probation Service. The conference on January 18 was dedicated to summarizing the results of this year, discussing existing issues, prospects for development, as well as the possible role of the public sector in rehabilitation of the offenders.

The professional training of probation beneficiaries and the furnishing of classrooms for this purpose were discussed.

• the mechanisms for measuring the needs and probable risks of probation beneficiaries.

The participants of the conference also touched upon the necessity of consolidation of concerned state structures and NGOs with the purpose of establishing effective cooperation with the Service.

In this context CSI President Artak Kirakosyan presented the “Assistance to the Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia” program, its goals, the work done so far and called on partner organizations to join the CSI.

• to form a platform that will enable non-governmental organizations to establish contacts with the State Probation Service and service beneficiaries, to support the implementation of its functions, to develop and implement a variety of programs deriving from the functions of the Service.

In parallel to the conference there was also a charity fair where representatives of probation beneficiaries, namely slippers, hats, shawls, jewelry were presented.

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