The Prime Minister’s Instruction on the Effectiveness of Appellations in the Administrative Order is not fulfilled: NCLR

On November 9, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to examine and present to the Government staff proposals aimed at improving the quality of administrative appeals, administrative appeal procedures, reasonableness, efficiency and transparency.

The “National Center for Legal Researches” (NCLR) has issued a statement saying that the recent response by the Traffic Police shows that the Prime Minister’s has not been fulfilled.

In particular, on November 1, Kamo Asatryan, the President of the Armenian National Congress (ANC), sent a letter to the Prime Minister and reported that Levon Martirosyan, Director of “MARKOS AID” LLC had applied to them with request to assist him in the process of protecting his rights and legitimate interests.

The problem is related to the inactivity performed by the Traffic Police, which has been appealed in accordance with the law. As a result, the public service provider body did not make any decisions, and which enabled the NCLR to adopt appropriate legislative measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Company and the Company’s Director.

For this reason the NCLR applied to RA Police Chief on October 10 and in response received a letter from the Traffic Police on October 30 which read, “Traffic Police demonstrates the same conduct, unlawful inaction, which is a gross violation of the requirements of law.” It should be noted that before this, on September, 6 the NCLR filed an administrative complaint to the chief of traffic police, however no proceedings were instituted and no administrative act was made ((notice consisting of three sentences was sent).

The NCLR statement says: “Taking into account that the activity of the Traffic Police is included in the anti-corruption strategy of the Republic of Armenia as a target sector, a study, with the financial support of USAID, was conducted to identify corruption risks, the NCLR informed the RA Prime Minister and the US Ambassador to Armenia in writing on 1 November, 2017, that the mentioned service failed to execute administrative action, as well as to comply with the law.”

With this statement, the NCLR is drawing to the attention of non-governmental organizations included in the Anti-Corruption Council, considering the fact that their mission in the Council is also to raise such issues and to take consistent steps to resolve them. At the same time, the main reasons for the emergence of such situations in the implementation phase of the law may be the issues of integrity and with good governance, which are also in the scope of regulation of the anti-corruption strategy of the Republic of Armenia.

National Center for Legal Researches

It should be noted that at the regular session of the Anti- Corruption Council on 4 December 2017, Karen Zadoyan, President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association and the Coordinator of the Secretariat of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia, raised the question on including the issue of implementation of the recommendations given by the RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan during the sittings of the Council, as according to Karen Zadoyan, not all the assignments are fulfilled.

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