Call for Participation in a CSO Certified Training Programme to Be Conducted by the American University of Armenia


On 24 October, 2017 the Armenian Lawyers’ Association announced a call for purchase of services for developing training modules for civil society organisations (CSOs) and providing professional/training services according to the modules in the scope of the “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project funded by the European Union. The American University of Armenia won the call.

The “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project was launched in December 2016. It is implemented with the financial support of the European Union (EU). The duration of the project is 34 months. The overall objective of the project is to enhance the influence of CSOs on the public policy process, and the specific objectives are to strengthen the ability of CSOs to build coalitions and focus on constructive and strategic policy engagement with local and central government partners.

Certified trainings:

In order to ensure long-term institutional mechanisms for CSO capacity building, a leading higher education institution from the sector, with relevant professional experience and experts to develop the project planned training modules for CSOs, as well as to organise and conduct the trainings according to the modules, was selected through this call.

After the trainings, the CSO participants will receive certificates of completion. Aiming to ensure the sustainability of trainings, after the end of the course the selected higher education institution (HEI) should continue the practice of permanently holding such training courses for CSOs on the paid basis, as developed for CSOs in the scope of this project and adjusted according to recommendations.

Overall, 100 CSOs will be selected for participation in the trainings (60 – from Shirak, Lori, Tavush, Gegharkunik, Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions, 40 – from Yerevan and neighbouring regions). The training course will comprise two modules. Its first module will last 5 days, 8 hours each day. The first phase of the training course will start on 4 December, 2017 and will end in February, 2018. 7 groups of CSOs will participate in the first phase of the training, each group consisting of up to 15 representatives of CSOs. The HEI selected through this call shall teach the participants the following four main topics in the scope of the first module of the training course:

  1. Monitoring of public budget allocations and policy implementation;
  2. Identification of public policy issues, evidence-based policy development and analysis, public policy implementation;
  3. Development of CSO-Government and CSO-Local Government Dialogue;
  4. CSO coalition building and development.


After the completion of the training course, the participants will have the skills needed for the entire process of developing and building coalitions, which will enable them to create coalitions individually.

50 CSOs out of the 100 that will have completed the first module of the trainings will have a chance to get involved in the incubators that are to be launched in January. After bettering and enriching the knowledge gained during trainings with practical skills the CSO staff will master in the incubators, CSOs and coalitions of CSOs will have a chance to participate in sub-grant competitions for CSOs and CSO coalitions that will be announced in the scope of the project.

CSO selection criteria:

  • CSOs must either carry out activities at least in one of the target sectors of the project[1] or at least one of the target sectors should be foreseen as an activity direction in the charters of the CSOs;
  • CSOs must have had little or average capacity building experience in the thematic areas of the project;
  • In case of tough competition, a preference will be given to applicants that might face difficulties in accessing similar trainings.

After completing the training, the participants CSOs are expected to share the knowledge gained within their organisation and apply it (through trainings of trainers) in their actual work.

Advantage will be given to the CSOs implementing activities empowering youth and women.

Application package must include:

  • A completed application form;
  • A copy of the charter;
  • Information on the project(s) implemented in one or more project target sectors during the past year (if available).

The expenses related to the participants’ training, transport, accommodation and meals will be covered by the project.

Applications must be submitted by 29 November 2017, 13:00pm, at the following address: 7 Nalbandyan Str., Suite 2, Yerevan (entrance from the yard) or e-mail address: [email protected], indicating “Participation in CSO Certified Training Programme” in the subject line.

For clarifications on documents required for participation in the call please contact Armenian Lawyers’ Association at the e-mail address [email protected].

The EU-funded “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project, which aims at reinforcing civil society voice and dialogue with the government, is implemented by a CSO consortium comprising the following organisations: “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO (lead organisation), “International Centre for Human Development” NGO, “SME Cooperation Association” NGO, “Communities Association of Armenia”, “Armenian Centre for Democratic Education-CIVITAS” NGO (members of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia) and “Agora Central Europe”, a Czech NGO.  

[1] The initial list of project target sectors includes: justice and human rights, education, business, social sector, labour, agriculture, and energy.

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