Deferment has been eliminated: The NA adopted the Draft Law

On November 15, the National Assembly adopted the draft law “On Status of Military Service and the Servicemen” in the second reading.

86 MPs voted “for” and 6 “against” it.

Before the voting, Ararat Mirzoyan, a member of the “Yelk” faction, reminded that four students are currently on hunger strike. “120 scientists have joined the strike. I urge you to vote against the draft. It will allow reviewing the law and introducing a new one in a short time,” the MP said.

It is worth mentioning that the draft proposes to eliminate the deferment. Several hundred students were against the project, and they are on strike for seven days already, and yesterday they went on hunger strike as well. One of the 5 students who have stayed locked in one of the YSU auditoriums and one of them got worse in the evening, and as a result he had to stop the hunger strike.

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