Large Donation to the “Insurance Foundation for Servicemen”

Businessman and philanthropist Hovsepian Garabet donated USD 5000 to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen in celebration of his daughter’s wedding.

We learn this from the official website of “Insurance Foundation for Servicemen”.

While toasting to his daughter’s happiness Mr. Hovsepian noted: “We are celebrating, we are rejoicing, however, at this very moment there are soldiers who are protecting our borders: we have much to do…. It is imperative that we stand by our soldiers and this is why we have decided to donate to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen.” During our talk with Mr. Hovsepian, he noted that in his opinion many people should follow the example of his daughter, that donating should become a tradition, for it is the duty of every Armenian’s soul to stand alongside the men who are ensuring our safety and keeping peace on our borders.

“For me our soldiers above everything else: our homeland and our soldiers.” said Mr.Hovsepian. Mr. Hovsepian also calls on 10 million Armenians to help the Foundation, for if every one of those 10 million people were to donate just $2 every month, the Foundation would have enough means to insure the lives and health of the Armenian soldiers. He also noted, that although there are wealthy compatriots who can help, it is more important for this do be a nationwide movement, which will show that the Armenian people, as one, stand alongside their soldiers.

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