The Municipality allocates 12 Million AMD to an Association that has not been operating for Many Years: Tigran Avinyan

Approximately 12 million AMD from the budget of Yerevan is allocated to the organization “Association of Municipal Councillors of Armenia”, which has not been operating for years. Tigran Avinyan, spokesman of the “Yelk” Faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders told this to the He noted that today, on 18 October, David Khazhakyan, member of Yerevan Council of Elders addressed the Mayor Taron Margaryan with this question.

The latest news on the organization’s website was published in 2013.

“We see corruption risks here and through these questions we want to find out why these funds were allocated to the association and what purpose they served for? We simply do not know what the association is doing and why 12 million AMD are transferred to them?” he noted.

The following questions are particularly addressed to the mayor: How long the Yerevan Council of Elders is a member of the Association of Municipal Councillors of Armenia? How much was the membership fee paid by years of membership? “Please provide information about the activities of this organization, as well as information on the grounds for doubling the membership fee of the association․”

It is unclear from the website what the association is doing, but in 2015 the membership fee of the association was 5.5 million, this year it was double, about 12 million was paid. “We have sent the request today. They have a certain period of time to answer the question. “

It should be noted that the Chairman of the Association of Municipal Councillors of Armenia is Araik Hovhannisyan, member of the “Republican Party of Armenia” Faction of the RA National Assembly member of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA). We tried to contact him, but failed as the number was not available.


Yevgenia Hambardzumyan

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