Property and Income of the Heads of 4 Administrative Districts of Yerevan continues to present property and income declarations of high-ranking officials. This time we will continue to present information on declared property of the heads of 12 administrative districts of Yerevan.

Manvel Javadyan

Thus, Manvel Javadyan, the head of Avan Administrative District of Yerevan, has declared 2 apartments in a multi-apartment building, a garage, a Mercedes-Benz S 500 car.

The funds of the head of the district at the time of assuming the office were 14,000,000 AMD, 28,000 USD and 21,000 Euros.

Manvel Javadyan’s annual income is 1,661,520 AMD received as salary.


Hovhannes Vardanyan, the head of Arabkir Administrative District of Yerevan, has declared a VAZ 2103 car.

His funds at the time of assuming office were 20,000,000 AMD and 55,000 USD.

Vardanyan’s annual income is derived from two sources: salary and alienation of property: respectively, 1,509,400 AMD and 6,000,000 AMD, totaling to 7,509,400 AMD.

Ruslan Baghdasaryan

Head of the Davtashen Administrative District of Yerevan, Ruslan Baghdasaryan, has declared one land plot and a real estate attached to the ground.

He also declared a GAZ 24 car.

At the time of assuming the office the funds of the head of Davtashen district totaled to 61.000.000 AMD.

Baghdasaryan receives 1,611,018 AMD from wages as income.։

Artavazd Sargsyan

Artavazd Sargsyan, head of Ajapnyak Administrative District of Yerevan, was the deputy head of the State Property Management Department under the Government of the Republic of Armenia in the period of 2011-2012.

When assigning this position, Sargsyan declared a Mercedes-Benz G500, which he sold for 18,000,000 AMD in the same tax year. His fund totaled to 12,800,000 AMD and 429,604 USD. Revenues were received from the alienation of two properties, salaries, interest on loans and other income: respectively, 57,336,566 AMD and 7,267 USD.

At the moment of termination of official duties in 2012, Artavazd Sargsyan declared one apartment in a multi-apartment building, Mercedes-Benz S550 and Vaz 21065 cars, and 14.750.000 AMD and 365.928 USD as funds. His annual revenues grew substantially during a year and totaled to 57,935,194 AMD and 21,134 USD. 

Currently Sargsyan is head Ajapnyak Administrative District. In 2017, he declared an apartment in the multi-apartment building, a garage, Mercedes-Benz S550 and Vaz 21065 cars. At the time of assuming office, Artavazd Sargsyan’s funds totaled to 10,300,000 AMD and 216,800 USD. The official provided 100,000 USD as loan. The annual income was received from the salary 1,637,520 AMD.

to be continued

Alisa Chilingaryan

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