The First Discussion in SRC- CSO Format took place

The RA SRC Deputy Chairman Vakhtang Mirumyan chaired the first working meeting in SRC – CSO format. The participants raised issues regarding the profit tax and VAT payment regulations for NGOs, the nature of the services provided by them, as well as the issues of direct business activities by NGOs. During the workshop, the participants decided to examine the above issues and suggest solutions that would be aimed at simplification and improvement of the legislative framework for tax relations of NGOs and raising the legal awareness of NGOs. At the end of the meeting the participants defined the scope of the issues to be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr. Karen Zadoyan, President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association, “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project Manager; Mr. Vahagn Hambardzumyan President of the “Association of Accountants of SME of Armenia” Non Governmental Association; Mr. Hakob Avagyan, Executive Director of “SME Cooperation Association” NGO; Ms. Ani Vardanyan, Financial Advisor of the Project, representative of “BDO Armenia” Company; Miss Syuzanna Soghomonyan and Miss Mariam Zadoyan, representatives of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association participated in the working discussion at the SRC:

The working discussion took place on the initiative of the EU-funded “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project implemented by the consortium of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association and its partners.

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