Three Persons are wanted with regard of the Murder Case: They waited for the victim for several Hours

As a result of urgent investigative measures held at the RA Investigative Committee General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases the murder case near Vernisage was revealed. The identity of the alleged criminals and the source of getting the car used for realization of the crime were found out. On the basis of the obtained evidences, 3 three individuals were involved as suspects, and a search was announced.

On September 14, 2017, a report on shots near the Vernisage of Yerevan and about victims was received. An investigative-operation group arrived at the scene immediately. It was found out that near the hotel at Hanrapetutyan, 48 shots were made, and as a result of Gagik Mosinyan, born in 1974 died from gunshot injuries. Vahagn Abgaryan, born in 1978 was taken to the medical center with gunshot injuries.

As a result of large-scale investigative actions held on the criminal case, it was revealed that the murder was planned previously, the circle of persons committed the crime was revealed. Two of them are residents of Alaverdi, and one is resident of Yerevan City.

According to the preliminary investigation, these three persons acquired a preliminary consent on the murder of Alaverdi resident V. Abgaryan and accompanying persons, and being aware that the latter are in the hotel complex at 48, Yerevan, on September 14, at 6.30 am, they parked the hired vehicle in the parking area in front of the hotel and waited.

At about 13.25, noticing that Vahagn Abgaryan and his companions were coming out of the hotel, the three mentioned persons got off the car and, in a way dangerous for the lives of many people, made numerous shots towards V. Abgaryan, G. Mosinyan and others at the entrance to the hotel. As a result of which G. Mosinyan died on the spot and V. Abgaryan was taken to hospital.

On the basis of the evidence obtained, the investigator made a decision, on involving R. Khachatryan, A. Blbulyan and A. Karadavidov as accused under the provisions of Article 3, Article 104, Part 2, Point 6, Articles 34-104, Part 2, Part 1 and Article 235, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. The detention was chosen as a precautionary measure against them and a search was declared.

Measures are being taken to ensure a comprehensive, complete and objective investigation of all the circumstances of the case. Relevant police unites are instructed to undertake measures to find the wanted persons and to pass them to the body conducting the proceedings.

Note: The suspect or the accused of an alleged crime shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty under the RA Code of Criminal Procedure according to the verdict of the court that has entered into force.

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