During the First Six Months 332 Criminal Cases on Corruption Crimes were examined

332 criminal cases were examined in the first half of 2017 on the cases of corruption crimes subject to investigation by the Investigative Committee of the RA according to RA Criminal Procedure Code.

The criminal cases examined during the reporting period are classified as follows:

62 cases referred to the abuse of official powers provided by Article 308 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.

54 cases referred to abuse of power, incompetence or inaction of the government provided by Article 375 of the RA Criminal Code.

49 cases referred to abuse of authority by employees of commercial or other organizations provided by Article 214 of the RA Criminal Code.

47 cases referred to the embezzlement or wasting, which has been committed by using the official position provided by Article 179 (2) (1) of the RA Criminal Code.

40 cases referred to official forgery provided by Article 314 of the RA Criminal Code.

15 cases referred to giving bribe, stipulated by Article 312 of the RA Criminal Code.

12 cases referred to taking bribe stipulated by Article 311 of the RA Criminal Code.

8 cases referred to exceeding official authorities, stipulated by Article 309 of the RA Criminal code,;

7 cases referred to receiving unlawful remuneration by a public servant who is not an official, provided by Article 311.1 of the RA Criminal Code, etc.

During the mentioned period, 33 criminal cases on corruption crimes referring to 67 persons have been sent to the court with accusation conclusion; of which 15 cases on 44 persons were investigated in the General Military Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee.


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